John Charlton

John Charlton



John Charlton is an award-winning reporter who arrived at FOX CT in September of 2005 for a series of “firsts,” …first time living in the Northeast, first time homeowner, and first time a married man (he got married to Lori in September 2009). John’s broadcast journalism career began in Miami in the mid-90′s where he worked as a news writer.

John made the transition over to “in front of the camera” in Dothan, Ala. where “he was” the sports department. It didn’t take long for John to make the move to news and move back to Florida.

For three years, John got a great workout and a true appreciation for all aspects of news production as a “one-man-band” at former Tribune station Central Florida News13 in Orlando. As a videojournalist, John reported while doing all his own camerawork and editing. Notable stories while in Central Florida include the ’98 Florida Wildfires, the recount of the 2000 presidential election as well as numerous hurricanes.

John’s next move brought him to the Bluegrass State and WLKY-TV in Louisville: home of bourbon and the Kentucky Derby. There, John covered five derbies, and in 2005, won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Large Market Spot News for reporting on what was a peaceful protest against police that turned violent.

Since coming to Hartford, John has continued his excellence in journalism, winning multiple Emmys, Associated Press Awards, and Connecticut Agricultural Journalism Awards. Memorable stories involve an overnight ride on the Navy submarine, USS Toledo, recyclable trash inspections of city council members and live coverage of the tragic Middletown power plant explosion.

John has a love of travel which he was literally born with. As the son of an American diplomat, John was born and raised overseas, living in the Caribbean, Asia, Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “Nothing beats hanging out with a local in a foreign land,” John says. That’s still a favorite, even though life overseas coincided with Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. John and his family were taken hostage, or as Saddam Hussein preferred to refer to them, as “guests.” Fortunately, John, his family, and even their dog, were eventually freed.

When he’s not reporting the news, John enjoys sports and cooking for Lori.

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