Louisa Moller

Louisa Moller


Louisa Moller

Louisa comes to Connecticut from WFFF-TV in Burlington, Vermont. While in the Green Mountain State, Louisa covered all kinds of news but she is most proud of her investigative work into a Federal Job Corps program. Louisa uncovered the misuse of millions of tax-payer dollars, as well as the poor living and learning conditions for the program’s under-privileged students.

Louisa also spent a week in West Stewartstown, New Hampshire covering the mysterious disappearance and death of a 12-year-old girl. Louisa went live for Fox Boston as well as the Fox News Channel.

Louisa also spent months covering two massive floods in Vermont. Historic rain and snow caused Lake Champlain to flood and Tropical Storm Irene devastated Vermont’s infrastructure. She reported in the middle of the storm and in the weeks after.

Prior to Vermont, Louisa worked at WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Indiana. Among other things, she covered Indiana politics and crime.

Louisa is an East-coaster at heart and happy to be back in a fast-paced environment. She is closer to family and friends, as well as her alma mater, Boston College.

You can find Louisa jogging, skiing, and singing a cappella with her college group, the BC Bostonians.

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