Sarah Cody

Sarah Cody


Sarah Cody

For more than a decade, Sarah Cody has been hiking the hills and sailing the Sound for DayTrippers, our weekly travel series dedicated to giving viewers great ideas for outings with the family. Along with reporter Jim Altman, Sarah travels throughout New England, putting together creative and colorful pieces that celebrate our beautiful surroundings. Sarah loves producing this unique series and fondly recalls a peaceful full-moon paddle in Rowayton and a comically harrowing experience at a trapeze school outside of Boston.

Sarah’s two young sons also provide her with plenty of material for her column in The Hartford Courant. “Mommy Minute” appears on Mondays and is accompanied by a daily blog ( and a segment on the Fox CT Morning News. “Mommy Minute” has become a valuable resource for local parents in finding out about relevant recipes, recalls and family events. Sarah routinely covers educational topics, such as a school’s innovative use of stand-up desks. She also focuses on fitness trends and recently profiled a yoga class for busy moms called “Time to Transform and Renew”.

Sarah has worked for Fox CT since 1998, covering all sorts of stories from 9-11 to the Michael Skakel Trial. She also spearheaded an Arts and Entertainment segment and interviewed celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Jewel, Jessica Simpson, Julie Andrews and Robert Duvall. After graduating from Trinity College in Hartford, Sarah began her media career at WHDH in Boston where she was an Assignment Editor, Satellite Producer and Field Producer.

Over the years, Sarah has won two Emmy Awards, for DayTrippers and a special feature on the Amphi-car. She lives on Connecticut’s gorgeous shoreline with her husband, Paul, their two blossoming football players, Sam and Ben, and their beloved fifteen year old cat, Oscar.

Also, Sarah loves Italy, the beach and gardening. But, most of all, she enjoys making Playdoh Pizzas

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